E-Journal Menara Perkebunan

Menara Perkebunan as the continuation of De Bergculture published by Algemeen Landbouw Syndicaat/Centrale Proefstation Vereniging since 1926, was published by the Bogor Research Institute for Estate Crops till 1992, based on the Letter of the President Director of the Foundation for Research and Education Fund for Estate Crop No. 103/JDPP/1967 and the Letter of the Head of General Bureau for Research and Planning of the Ministry of Agriculture No. 336/Kpts/OP/12/1968. Since 1993 Menara Perkebunan is published by the Indonesian Biotechnology Research Institute for Estate Crops, based on the Decree of the Chairman of the Managing Board of the Indonesian Planters Association for Research and Development No. 084/Kpts/ DPH/XII/1992. During the periode of 1997-2002 Menara Perkebunan is published by Biotechnology Research Unit for Estate Crops.

Vol 84, No 1: Oktober 2016

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